Home Health Aides

Our HHA's or Home Health Aides are highly skilled and trained in their scope of practice and play a vital role in our company.  They are part of the nursing team that spends a large amount of time with our patients to ensure that everything is going well.  They will offer assistance at meal time for our patients. Often the CNA will serve the meal, prepare it as needed, or even feed the patient. Some patients require being moved into a different position when they need to eat in order to consume their meals properly.  Throughout the day our home health aids perform ROM-range of motion as well as performing a daily exercise routine per the doctor or physical therapist orders. In addition, after meal time the Certified Nursing Assistant will help clean the patient. General housekeeping and hygiene of the patient are other responsibilities of our HHA's. When a patient needs their sheets changed or blankets washed the HHA's will assist with this. Also, our Home Health Aides will bathe our clients as well as dress them afterwards. Additionally, if the patient needs assistance brushing their hair or teeth, the HHA is there for this. Assisting the patient to use the restroom or changing a minor wound dressing is also another responsibility of our staff.  They will also check vital signs of the patient such as temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure as well as medication reminders. Furthermore, a HHA will be there to comfort the patient who may need emotional support. Our HHA's often become close with their patient and the family members as well. The Home Health Aid will notify their supervisor and the family as to the progress of the patient.