AllStaff HomeCare is a full service skilled and non-skilled home health agency. Rocky Mountain Hospice in an "in home" hospice service. We offer thoroughly trained and screened employees from RNs to CNA and PCPs. We have an exceptional ability to communicate with MDs and case managers electronically or by phone or fax. AllStaff uses the most current data and treatment modalities to treat and prevent medical issues for a "best practices" outcome. ASHC and RMH currently services the Denver Metro area and front range.

The following is a list of treatments and therapies we currently offer:

  1. IV and infusion therapy including injections, phlebotomy, chemo medications, TPN, hydration, line flush and maintenance, lab and culture draw
  2. Respiratory therapy including ventilator maintenance, suctioning and oxygenation
  3. Physical, speech and occupational therapy. Weekly patient assessments
  4. Home dialysis
  5. Limited home X-Ray
  6. Fluid testing and cultures
  7. Intake and output, foley and catheter care, tube feeding care and maintenance
  8. Diabetes testing, tracking, treatment and maintenance
  9. Traumatic and basic wound care treatment, assessment and prevention
  10. Dementia/Alzheimer's care
  11. Bowel and bladder programming, ostomy care
  12. Amputee therapy and care
  13. Veterans care - special care and training for our veterans
  14. Developmental disabilities
  15. Pediatric and adolescent care
  16. Basic care - appointments, shopping, laundry, meals, dressing, bathing, companionship, transferring, ambulation, range of motion, basic massage, skin care
  17. Monitoring vital signs, lung function, pulse oxygenation